Shipping Container cafe new to Alexandria!

We recently installed a pair of containers to WorkIt Spaces latest e-commerce hub situated in Alexandria.

The project consists of 2 brand new Containers and required various walls and the ceiling to be removed and framed with steel. The 20′ container has been converted into a cafe come bar at night and the 10′ container is to be utilized as a reception space.

The open space design allows for local coffee roasters and brewers to showcase their products weekly and monthly.

The shipping container cafe is also manned daily for the tenants and their clients perusal. Featuring a 2 group coffee machine and up to 6 beers on tap. A large 12 tray combo oven for daily specials and a light refreshments menu for those in-between requirements!

We finished the space off by recycling the container doors into tables for meeting and dining use.

If you’re looking for a container solution at your venue please give us a call! we’d love to help design your next shipping container cafe or bar.

If you’re looking for a community work space, check out for more information.

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