20′ Site shed work office

We had a last minute project come through the door prior to Christmas this year. A 20′ high cube Shipping container was used to house the project which featured the following inclusions;

50mm EPS CR insulated panels were used to line the interior of the container, providing both a thermal and acoustic rating. It is also used to conceal all power and additional services.

The structure featured two 1200×1200 sliding windows, allowing the site foreman to oversee the worksite at just a glance. Entry to the container site shed is granted via a steel skinned prehung door with a flush lock for security and safety.

Comfort is assisted with a 2.8KW reverse cycle Air conditioning system, allowing the room to be set at a desired temperature no matter the conditions outside. Hygiene and cleanliness is taken care of with the use of r10 safety flooring which is easy to maintain and also provides a slip rating.

15Amp power with LED lighting, double pole GPO’s and a RCBO protected board keep the room well lit and devices powered.

This project was completed in 2 weeks and delivered on time.

If you’re after a mobile solution from a shipping container please head over to our contact page and make sure to drop as a message to discuss.

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