Domino Bar goes to GABS festival

The Domino horse float bar was featured at GABS festivals, in both Sydney and Melbourne events this year!

The converted horse float handled over 4,000 serves of drinks over the 2 weekends with its standard 3 tap system, an additional benchtop 2 tap unit and a frozen slush option over the back deck.

With the full solar and battery back up system, the Domino bar arrived onsite and was able to instantly be lit up and beer system began chilling.

While the other festival assets were waiting for power, we were up and running with set up complete within half an hour, including all seating, DJ booth, kegs set and signage installed. The built in water and waste tanks also saw our booth being one of the few with hot running water.

The Domino bar was then packed up and sent off to its next gig, with a bump out of 1 hour taking place.

If you’re looking for a complete bar solution for your next event, please get in touch!

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