Coffee carts for the NRL at Bankwest stadium

Buzz Batch has been engaged by Bankwest stadium to supply coffee carts and baristas for the upcoming NRL season.

Our solution for our preliminary setup is a large cart featuring a brand new 2 group Rancilio machine and Mazzer grinder. The stainless steel cart also features cup dispensers, a wash up sink and its own built in power distribution board, as a result, this makes operation a breeze!

The cart solution will hopefully ease congestion at food outlets. This reduces patron’s time spent away from watching the game, therefore, giving patrons a more enjoyable experience. As the season rolls out we will be adding more carts and fine tuning the layout of the equipment.

If you are looking for a coffee cart or food related solution for your venue or event, be sure to get in touch with us over at the contact page!

We are available for all sized events. Anytime. Anywhere!

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