Sushi train build for Singleton x Masterchef Poh Ling Yeow @ QT MELBOURNE

Photography by Arianna Leggiero & details from Broadsheet

Our scope over Christmas was to create a mobile yet permanent looking sushi train for a 4 month pop-up at the QT MELB. Working with an existing table, we designed a 4.5 metre train to sit atop, as well as matching 6 inch plates and coasters to convey the brand’s presence.

The whole kit was built in our warehouse then disassembled and shipped to Melbourne for an onsite installation. The train was wrapped in copper look vinyl and digitally printed film to pick up the subtle hints of Singleton’s colours.

The twist with this activation is that it’s not sushi travelling on this train. Chef Poh’s amazing creations of chef snacks, including fried chicken bao buns with kimchi, pandan coconut sago shots & much more. All plates have an optional Single malt whiskey cocktail to be paired alongside to complete the serve.

Head on down to check it all out before it’s packed up!

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