Round or square tap ware?

Alot has changed through time, but amazingly we seem to circle back through the traditions. For bathroom and kitchen fittings we are gifted with two categories: Traditional and contemporary. This is usually an easy choice as its wise to pair your house with a fitting design that complements the period of build / styling.

When selecting a design, consider the other elements of your bathroom. Rounded basins, baths and bathroom accessories look great paired with taps that have curved spouts and rounded handles. Likewise, tapware that have a square and angular design will complement a bathroom with straighter lines.

What colour tapware should I choose?

While the majority of taps are available in a chrome finish, there is now a growing range of alternative finishes available, from black, white, gold, graphite and copper.

However, changing tapware is not something you want to be doing often, so we advise clients to make timeless decisions with tapware that is less likely to date. Choose a finish that you love and that will suit the overall colour scheme and style of your bathroom.

Remember to consider matching the finish of other elements, such as the shower set and bathroom accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holders and shower frames.

Should I select a 3-piece set or a mixer tap?

This really is a personal preference, but generally, a three-piece tapware set provides a traditional look and a mixer provides more contemporary look.

We are renovating our bathroom, are our options different to a new build selection?

Yes, if you are renovating an existing bathroom you need to consider the existing plumbing. To avoid having to re-plum the area, you should stick with tapware in the same format as your existing bathroom.   You should also check your selection with your plumber before your final purchase as some mixers require additional space so compatibility is important.

Do I choose my basin first or my tap?

It’s best to select your basin and tapware in conjunction with one another as either item raises considerations for the other. For instance, a taller tap or a wall-mounted design may be required to suit an above-counter basin. A longer spout may be required to extend across a deeper inset basin.

As a final thought, the quality of a product generally correlates with its durability. Bathrooms are a heavy use area and your tapware needs to be able to stand up to constant use – and still look good in years to come.

If you are looking to make savings in your bathroom build or renovation, we would always suggest looking at other areas such as the tiling rather than scrimping on tapware – it’s a small item but makes a big difference.

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