Coca Cola Activations for the FIFA women’s World cup 2023

Exciting Projects and Engaging Displays: A Month of Success!

We’ve had a fantastic month working on a significant project for one of the world’s largest beverage companies, Coca Cola, and a renowned sporting organization, FIFA.

Interactive Displays at Accor and Suncorp Stadiums

Our team received a challenging scopeā€”to build two interactive displays at Accor and Suncorp stadiums. These displays consist of four sturdy steel structures clad in ACP walls, which were expertly wrapped in high-quality vinyl branding.

Stunning Exterior Design

To enhance the visual appeal, we designed a remarkable aluminum hexagon with mesmerizing LED lighting at the entry points of the structures. Additionally, the front facade boasts an impressive 1800mm diameter Lightbox, adding an eye-catching touch to the setup.

Efficient Onsite Construction

Once we transported the entire setup to the site, we efficiently completed the on-site construction within a tight four-day window. As per the project schedule, the build will be removed in mid-August.

Federation Square Melbourne & Tumbalong Park Sydney Structures

But that’s not all! We also completed two innovative structures at Federation Square Melbourne and Tumbalong Park, Sydney. These structures serve as recycling bin rooms, promoting sustainable practices. Equipped with captivating LED neon lights, courtesy of our partners at Buzz Neons, and even including a merchandise cabinet, these structures offer guests a chance to be rewarded with exciting prizes in return for recycling a bottle.

Don’t Miss It During the FIFA World Cup!

So, make sure to check out our incredible creations during the FIFA World Cup before they’re gone!

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