Wheres my car?!

There’s a multitude of reasons as to why a GPS tracker could be a godsend. You may have been unfortunate to have lost a car to theft – Sometimes insurance doesn’t quite cut it. You vehicle has personal effects inside, wheels, stereo, body work, hours of blood sweat and tears aren’t covered!

Sometimes we pull up, run off to the shops and forget which street we’ve parked on! Maybe the kids have taken the car and you’d like to know how far they are from returning.

All the above is achievable with a GPS tracker. Previously a tracker would cost upwards of $700 with an ongoing monthly fee. Technology has changed, manufacturing is cheaper and more reliable when quality control is maintained.

We now can offer a compact tracking device, powered by a prepaid 4G simcard! This device is capable of real time tracking, GEO FENCING, historical tracking and even ignition cutting!

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